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Waves UpgradeA Waves Upgrade / WUP is based on the products you already have in your Waves account. Please fill out the form below to get your specific upgrade price(s). Once we have your Waves login username and email (please no passwords), we can send you the discount prices for all your Waves upgrade / WUP options. You can find more information for quoting WUP prices here: Waves Update Plan (WUP)

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By allowing Waves Universe to use your username/email (no passwords please!) information, we can purchase your Waves upgrade or Waves update plan directly into your account. This also helps assure you do not purchase a Waves upgrade for which you are not opted. Waves will not refund product purchases due to incorrect assumptions on Waves upgrade options.

However, if you choose not to give us your login information, we can still process the order at a discount and will give you a Waves upgrade coupon that is used to upgrade the product directly through your Waves account. If you have any questions just contact us.

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