the following Waves Specials are good through April 15th, 2017

Weekend Waves Specials: April 15th

Waves Specials

Waves has announced a set of Weekend Waves Specials for April 15th, 2017. Three additional Waves items have been placed on sale. As per usual, Waves Universe has been invited to take part in these Weekend Waves Specials. For our prices, you can add items to cart. You can find all the Waves items we offer with these pages:

Waves Bundles

Waves Plugins

If you would like to checkout the other Waves Universe sales you can check out our Waves Universe Specials page.

Waves Specials: Items

The following items are listed by Waves as part of this Weekend sale:

Morgan Page EMP Toolbox – $199

LoAir – $39

Maserati VX1 – $29

If you have any questions about the Waves Specials or are interested in a quote for an upgrade or a WUP, you can email us at

Offers good through April 9th, 2017

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